IFC Viewers

IFC files should be reviewed in an IFC viewer after the export. Linking or opening the IFC file a BIM authoring software is not recommended for this purpose.

Overview of free IFC viewers

viewer.autodesk.com (free Autodesk viewer) supports 50+ file formats and allows sharing and commenting. Uploaded files are stored for 30 days by default, and can be deleted or extended as needed.

Autodesk Solutions based on the same technology and free for AEC Collection Users:

Autodesk Docs (included in the AEC Collection) is based on the same technology as the Autodesk Viewer, but offers some extended features for document and project management.

Autodesk Navisworks (included in the AEC Collection) is the desktop coordination solution from Autodesk with extended features like 4D/5D Simulation and clash management.

Selected third-party free IFC Viewers frequently used by Autodesk customers:

Open IFC Viewer developed by Open Design Alliance (ODA), a very fast and advanced IFC viewer, supporting the latest IFC versions including IFC 4.3. Caution: this viewer might not always display custom Property Sets.

BIMvision developed by Datacomp

BIMcollab Zoom developed by BIMcollab

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