IFC 4.3 Support

IFC 4.3 is the version of the IFC schema that offers extended support for Infrastructure categories, like Roads, Rails or Bridges (read more about IFC Schema versions).

Autodesk has released a plugin that offers early IFC 4.3 support in Civil 3D 2022 and later. The plugin can be downloaded from the Autodesk Account:

After the installation, Civil 3D users are able to access the new commands IFCINFRA.... in the command line or the buttons in the Add-ins tab:

More information about the commands can be found in the Civil 3D Product Documentation and will be added to this manual after the final release of the ISO standard.

The following video provides a brief overview of the first 4.3 implementation in Civil 3D and discusses the basic principles of this version: ▶️ IFC4.3 - Civil 3D Export

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