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New Feature:

Enhanced IFC Export Category Mapping including templates - More information: IFC Export - Category Mapping


Allowed the export of Mass Floors to IFC.

Improved area and volume base quantities export for slabs as part of the roof.

Implemented unique and consistent naming for IfcShapeAspect and IfcMaterialConstituent pairs.

Added the ability to choose the facility type, in addition to Building, when exporting IFC 4.3 files.

Added the ability to filter schedules with the Export to IFC As, IFC Predefined Type, Export Type to IFC As, and IFC Type Predefined Type parameters.

Added information to IfcOwnerHistory when exporting to IFC to meet MILT Japanese certification requirements.

Added export of the floor slab edge level.

Added import of presentation layer assignment for the Open IFC feature.

Added an IfcMaterial shared parameter to elements when opening IFC files that contains the names of all of the materials associated with the element.

Allowed the Export to IFC parameter to vary across groups.

Changed the behavior of the warning message when exporting to IFC 4 if elements in a Revit model are far from the origin so that the warning appears only if an EPSG code is also set.

Improved IFC category mapping text files so that they now work regardless of language setting.

Improved support for adding properties to PSet_ZoneCommon.

Added support for exporting predefined types when exporting spaces to IFC 4+.

Added the ability to export model curves to IFC by default, grouped by line styles.

Added the option to always export floors and roofs as a single IFC entity.

Added the ability to modify the appearance of created materials from imported 3D geometry in files which have no material information.

Improved validity of IFC files when exporting elements with compound structures.

Allowed wall sweeps, fascias, slab edges, and gutters to be exported as any valid IFC building entity.

Improved performance by up to 50% when exporting to IFC in some situations.

Improved validity of all exported IFC files by improving how units are stored in the files.

Added support for linking in data from IFC entities with custom representation identifiers.

Improved the export of velocity-based parameters to IFC.

Corrected export of IFC files that contained volumetric flow rate parameters with units of cubic decimeters per second.

Added support for properly exporting VaporPermeability parameters to IFC.

Remembered the project address information set in the IFC export options across exports.

Improved how IfcReal parameters are created when exporting to IFC, so that the units stored in the file match the display units in Revit if possible.

Added support for the official ISO-approved IFC4.3 release (version IFC

Added support for exporting enumerated properties to IFC that contain multiple enumerated values.

Added support for exporting user-defined properties to IFC that contain multiple values, such as list, table, and bounded values.

Improved the experience managing category mapping tables for IFC export without the need to work with external text files.

Allowed Revit curtain wall panels to be exported as any IFC building element entity.

Added support for mapping beams and truss components with different structural usages to different IFC entities on export.

Issues Resolved

Added the ability to selectively disallow export of assemblies as containers to IFC. The contained items can still be exported.

Fixed classifications export for systems.

Fixed a shift of TriangulatedFaceSet geometry elements.

Added parameters to elements when linking in IFC files with entities with duplicate global ids.

Removed instability when selecting an IFC entity for the Export to IFC As parameter, and then switching to a schema that does not contain that entity definition.

Improved export of some curtain systems to IFC.

Improved stability when linking some IFC files into Revit.

Improved the export to IFC of some extrusion-based geometry exporting as a building element proxy.

Improved import and linking of some IFC files with non-standard but valid representations for piles and other foundation objects.

Improved export of some beams to IFC where the geometry was previously inverted in the IFC file.

Fixed the processing of the Export to IFC parameter for the assemblies.

Improved export of some families with imported DWG data to IFC 4.

Improved base quantities calculation for slab elements with openings.

Changed the FILE_NAME in the IFC file header from the Revit project number to the file path to follow buildingSMART standards when exporting IFC files.

Improved calculations of gross volume and gross side area when exporting some walls with openings to IFC 4.

Improved export of openings in walls to IFC when the openings remove material from the exterior faces of the wall and have curved surfaces.

Improved performance when exporting projects to IFC that contain doors and windows with invalid geometry.

Fixed rounding of large coordinates.

Removed some IFC export configuration settings that didn't get properly renamed or deleted by Revit.

Improved stability when exporting projects to IFC with non-standard Author information in Project Standards.

Improved exporting all layers of some walls to IFC 4 when the option to split by level was chosen.

Improved export of some beams with openings to IFC 4.

Improved the calculation of height and width properties when exporting some openings to IFC 4, where the values were reversed.

Fixed geometry import of IFCBooleanClippingResults that represented as DIFFERENCE of IFCRevolvedAreaSolid and IFCHalfSpaceSolid.

Added missing floor edge openings when exporting some floors to IFC 2x3.

Fixed export of room elevation.

Improved stability of exporting to IFC when the Revit model has corrupted extensible storage data.

Added type parameter set export for Revit elements whose corresponding IFC 2x3 entity didn't have a type entity associated with it, such as ramps, stairs, and footings.

Improved stability linking some IFC files stored on Desktop Connector.

Fixed export of model line placement elevation for 2D representation.

Fixed export of linked file orientation when exporting linked files to the same site.

Improved linking invalid IFC files with unbounded curves as part of their geometric representations.

Improved import of windows and doors in Open IFC.

Improved export of sloped slabs.

Improved the validity of exported IFC files when exporting some planar geometry.

Improved stability when exporting files to IFC with some short, invalid IFC entity names set in the Export to IFC As and Export Type to IFC As parameters.

Improved the export of some openings in some walls when creating IFC files.

Improved the export of some ceilings exported as parts to IFC when exporting the current view.

Exported more than one material to IFC in some cases when using the advanced option to allow the use of a mixed solid model representation.

Improved linking of some IFC files that are located far from the internal origin.

Improved exporting some solids to IFC that were previously exported as surfaces instead.

Improved support for opening IFC files with extrusions that have non-unit length direction vectors.

Improved support for swept disk solids with inner and outer radii when opening IFC files.

Added Width as an exported quantity to IFC for some assembly-based walls.

Fixed import of object placement in some cases.

Fixed missing sketch-based openings in sloped floor elements.

Fixed geometry transformation for some cases.

Improved placement of some columns when exporting to IFC.

Improved creation of material layers when linking in some (un-official) IFC 4 Design Transfer View files.

Improved icons in the modify setup window when exporting to IFC.

Fixed export of some IFC files that resulted in an invalid product representation with no items.

Fixed issue that could generate invalid IFC GUID values in Revit or during import or export.

Fixed openings local placement export.

Improved the placement of some IFC links.

Improved robustness of geometry validation performed for IFC links and 3D CAD imports and links.

Added NetSideArea, GrossSideArea, Height, and Width quantities for curtain walls when exporting to IFC 4.

Improved the instance and type parameters assigned to doors and windows when importing IFC files.

Allowed export of bounded parameters to IFC.

Fixed export of the user defined PredefinedType for the stair element.

Added missing user-defined property sets for some roofs when exporting to IFC.

Improved export of missing windows in external walls to IFC.

Improved the export of some walls that had doors or windows with multiple voids in the original family.

Added support for IfcAsymmetricIShapeProfileDef when opening or linking IFC files and IfcRoundedRectangleProfileDef when opening IFC files.

Fixed the calculation of the height parameter for some railings in metric projects when a previous value had been calculated that wasn't applicable to this railing.

Fixed export of a user-defined structural element type.

Fixed export of material layer parameters of a ceiling element.

Allowed insulation and lining MEP elements to be exported as anything to IFC.

Added support for valid AssemblyPlace information when exporting IfcFurnitureType to IFC.

Improved IFC 4 export of some host objects that had different layers with the same material.

Improved support for opening IFC files with faceted BReps that have faces defined by concave polygons.

Improved export of some floors to IFC 4 and IFC 4.3 formats.

Fixed the slope common property set parameter calculation when exporting some stringers to IFC.

Fixed export of IFC properties associated with the top-level IfcProject entity.

Fixed the processing of openings when exporting a wall as shape aspects (components).

Removed the use of several Revit built-in parameters when exporting IFC properties that have the same name but are different.

Fixed the export of some assemblies to IFC that resulted in orphaned entities. Added type entities for rebar and assemblies when exporting to IFC. Improved user defined property set mapping, especially for IFC2x3 entities that previously had no type entity exported.

Improved how classifications are viewed in certain older external applications when exporting to IFC.

Improved relative placement of files when exporting linked Revit files to IFC for some combinations of placement options.

Implemented exporting of IfcRailingType entity.

Fixed the generation of the IFCGuid parameter for a new pipe after a split operation.

Added predefined Type built-in parameters for rebar created from linking IFC files.

Added the BarRole attribute when exporting IfcReinforcingBars to IFC.

Improved export of models to IFC that contained family instances with invalid placements.

Fixed an issue to prevent some instance properties from being created as type properties when opening IFC files.

Fixed export of the half-space solid base surface normal.

Allowed export of rebar with slightly invalid transforms to IFC.

Allowed export of shape-edited slabs as IfcSite, instead of only IfcSlab.

Improved the display of openings when exporting or linking in IFC files.

Added the ability for the IfcCADLayerOverride shared parameter to set the appropriate CAD layer for more Revit elements when exporting to IFC.

Fixed IfcExportType for ceilings.

Improved the behavior for export of elements split by levels.

Added material information for some hosted wall sweeps exported to IFC.

Allowed the IfcSingleMaterialOverride shared parameter to override the material of certain elbows and fittings when exporting to IFC.

Maintained the file path setting after using Modify Setup when exporting to IFC.

Improved calculation of the linked levels elevation.

Improved support for linking IFC files with improper fillets for cross-section profiles of structural geometry.

Prevented truncation of some text strings in the IFC export dialog for some non-English users.

Improved the export of parameters with power units to IFC.

Decreased the size of IFC files when exporting Revit elements as IfcCovering.

Improved the creation of some elements with revolved surfaces when opening IFC files.

Improved the export of some elements placed inside assemblies to IFC 4.

Improved the export of some non-vertical extrusion-based columns to IFC.

Reduced time to export to IFC by up to 50% in some cases where the export was sporadically slower than average.

Improved the export of room base quantities to IFC.

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