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Linked Files: allows a separate or federated (since Revit 2024) export of Revit models linked in the project file. When exported everything in one consolidated file, it is possible to select whether to export in same IfcProject or same IfcSite. The second option will use the IfcSite defined in the host project:

Export only elements visible in view will use the currently active view to evaluate which elements to export. As 3D views in Revit do not show rooms, areas, and spaces, it is possible to include these using the second option, Export rooms, areas, and spaces in 3D views.

Include Steel Elements exports structural steel, including the steel connections created in Revit.

Export 2D plan view elements will include 2D elements supported by the IFC schema, such as notes and filled regions. Grids are considered 3D elements and can be exported by assigning the Grids Revit Category to the IfcGrid class. It should be noted that IFC is a 3D-oriented schema and only a limited number of 2D elements are supported in general, therefore PDF is still commonly used for 2D documentation.

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