Open IFC

IFC files can be opened in Revit, which converts IFC elements to editable native Revit geometry.

It's essential to keep in mind that IFC is designed mainly for coordination purposes and has limited functionality when it comes to converting and editing in proprietary software solutions. However, buildingSMART is working on this issue with newer concepts, such as the IFC4 Design Transfer View, which is currently in development.

In addition, modifying IFC data can result in legal issues, as it may alter the official deliverable.

If editing IFC data in an authoring tool such as Revit is necessary, it must be considered that this process might lead to a data loss. Therefore, the imported model should be checked for errors or missing elements.

Following best practices can help when importing IFC files in Revit:

- Using an IFC viewer to check whether the elements are classified correctly – if this is not the case, a new IFC file with a correct classification should be requested.

- Checking the header for information about the IFC schema and MVD in a text editor. IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0 is currently recommended for best results when opened in Revit.

- Disabling AutoJoin Elements and Correct lines that are slightly off-axis in the Open Dialog to speed up the import process.

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