Using IFC Files in Revit

IFC files can be linked as a reference (recommended) or opened in Revit.

General Settings

The following settings are located in Revit under File > Open > IFC Options:

Default Template for IFC Import (and Link): If no specific template is set, Revit will use the first project template defined in the general Revit options. Selecting a minimal template for IFC Import / Link is recommended to avoid blowing up your file with unnecessary information like views or families. For additional information, please check the section Link IFC.

Import IFC Class Mapping (Import only!): determines which IFC classes will be assigned to specific Revit categories when an IFC file is opened. By default, these settings should work for most cases, but they can be customized as required. The mapping can be edited directly in the dialog box or by opening and modifying the reference text file.

Specific Classes can be excluded when opening an IFC file by entering DontImport instead of the Revit Category. For best performance, it is recommended to exclude classes that are not needed in Revit.

Elements will not be excluded or overridden when Linking IFC files based on these settings.

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