IFC 4.3 Support

IFC 4.3 is the version of the IFC schema that offers extended support for Infrastructure categories, like Roads, Rails or Bridges (read more about IFC Schema versions).

Revit 2023.1 or higher offers an experimental IFC 4.3 support with a basic implementation of the current schema version. Following workflows are supported:

  • IFC LINK: IFC4.3 is automatically recognized when linking (Note: Opening IFC 4.3 Files in Revit is NOT supported)

  • IFC EXPORT: ”Experimental” (limited implementation for testing purposes)

As soon as IFC 4.3 has been finalized and released as ISO standard, the implementation of the new schema will be continued.

Keep an eye on what the Revit Development team is currently working on through the official Roadmaps: https://blogs.autodesk.com/aec/roadmap/revit-architecture-roadmap/

This video provides a brief overview of the experimental IFC4.3 implementation in Revit: ▶️ Using IFC4.3 in Revit

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